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Here are two photos taken during Auckland building inspections that could literally save you thousands of dollars off your next home purchase. We’ll explain how underneath these pictures below…

Here’s what you don’t see when doing a visual inspection on a property. You or I may not have seen this leak behind the wall/ceiling junture with the naked eye.

doorway air leak

Here you can see an air leak coming in around the ceiling/wall juncture. This can cancel out any effect from your insulation, and also increase home energy bills.

 Most home buyers walk into a property and either ‘buy it on the numbers’ (sometimes site unseen), or they fall for the place ’emotionally’. Buying a property on the numbers is certainly a critical ingredient towards a smart home purchase… but not checking if the home has water ingress behind walls is not very savvy at all.

Too many times on these home renovation shows, you’ll see them start to renovate… and as they progress they find problem after problem… and 99% of the time the expensive problems occur in places you can’t see with the naked eye! Notice how they ‘always go over budget’ on those shows???

Enter NZ Leak & Heat Loss Detection Ltd: Here is the part you’ll like if your a home buyer, or looking for a pre-purchase inspection service for your next property purchase.

Quick and Simple Way to Potentially Negotiate Excellent Property Deals

If you’ve found a home you like, and plan to move forward to a 2nd inspection PRIOR to making an offer, take us with you. Why? If we go through the home with you and find signs of excess moisture behind a wall, you may end up getting a better deal on the property. If a potential defect does show up, we can show you, the vendor and the real estate agent exactly what the problem is through the eyes of the camera there and then. We would then proceed to put the moisture meter up against the wall for further confirmation of any potential problem that the human eye can not see.

Most people are visual and need to ’see it to believe it’. Take us with you to your next building inspection in Auckland just incase there is something hiding behind the wall that may require an invasive inspection. You simply will not find a better property negotiation tool then our thermal imaging camera… period!

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