Flashing Failure – Most Common Cause of Roof Leaks & Water Infiltration (See photo)

Roof flashings are common on insulated roofs, and are the most common cause of water leaks. Flashings are the pieces metal (or special material) that seal pentetration and termination points on various parts of homes and buildings.

roof leak water infiltration

The most common places to find flashing detail are: At the base of walls, around drains, at vents and chimney, around skylights and at expansion joints.

It’s not uncommon to find latent moisture at, or near flashing detail using a thermal imaging camera.

Water infiltration

In a nutshell, there is nothing good about having water inside your walls & roofing system. Water leaks inside your roof creates energy loss causing increased energy bills, adds weight to the roofing system, damages structural components through corrosion or rot, and wet insulation can also increase the chances of a complete roof failure. (Thanks to thermal imaging surveys (UK) for the pic)

Thermal imaging can be used to detect evidence of water entrapment within an insulated roofing system. Small subtle temperature difference are picked up by a highly sensitive infrared detector that’s mounted inside our thermal imaging camera.

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