Liquid Leak into River – Aerial Infrared Photo

An infrared camera is an excellent way to detect ‘hard to solve’ problems that the human eye won’t see.

Below is an infrared image of liquid leaking into a river.

Here’s why this leak could be seen using a highly sensitive thermal imaging camera: See where the liquid is spilling into the river? That liquid is a different temperature to the water it’s flowing into… therefore an infrared thermographer can instantly pinpoint the source of the leak. There is no way this spillage could have been detected with the human eye, because the colour of the liquid was almost the same as the water it was flowing into.

These same principles are what we use to detect leaks in NZ houses. This thermal imaging photo is taken from the sky out of a small aircraft.

Courtesy of AITscan
Courtesy of AITscan

We detect leaks all over NZ using infrared technology!