Thermal Leak Detector finds Expansion Joint Leak

The source of leaks vary depending on structure in the area… and some can get really expensive to find!

This leak below was costing the company money by the minute.

Recently I got a call regarding a leak in several suites at a particular Hilton Hotel in NZ (I won’t name which one for privacy purposes). The short story is that it’s been ongoing for months… and I found the issue right away with my thermal leak detector (thermal imaging camera).

During the inspection I noticed that all the leaks were ‘lining up’ with eachother along the top of an interior wall (They couldn’t be seen with the human eye). On the deck above there was an expansion joint running directly along the line of leaks that I detected. This quickly solved the issue for the maintenance crew, because all they could see before I arrived was a single leak near the window… leading them to believe is was a possibly as isolated leak in that area, or some kind of joinery failure.

Here’s a photo of the leaks I found in just one room…

I’ve found many leaks with my infrared leak detector… and 70% of these leaks can’t been see visually!

A thermal imaging inspection could be the fastest way to detect a leak… especially if you need it found in a hurry. They couldn’t rent one of the rooms out due to visual moisture damage… expensive!