Thermal Imaging Procedures

In New Zealand, thermal imaging isn’t a statutory requirement, but there are more and more insurance companies, building inspectors and risk management specialists that are catching onto the significant benefits of predictive and preventative maintenance programs using thermal imaging technology, not otherwise recognised in statutory obligations. 

Standard thermal imaging procedures involve interpreting and producing images across a range of applications, such as electrical monitoring & building envelope diagnostics by viewing otherwise invisible heat radiation with highly technical infrared monitoring equipment.

The infrared images produced during a thermal imaging inspection are then processed through specific software that allows the thermographer to add additional details that may be of use for future inspection comparisons… especially when the report is part of a routine maintenance program.

Other benefits of utilising a certified thermographer in NZ is to analyse abnormal heat anomalies observed in industrial premises that could potentially identify fire risks and premature component failures in advance, which subsequently saves the company time and money which would otherwise be spent on business interruptions or claims on insurance.

Here’s a list of applications that thermal imaging can used for…. HERE

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