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leaky building inspection costHere’s our point of difference: We are independent inspectors. What this means to you, is that we don’t have a ‘vested interest’ in finding problems with your property or electrical systems. You will get a non-biased inspection, and will not be ‘sold’ further services or solutions to any issues that are found.

Inspection Cost – THERMAL IMAGING SCANS – FROM JUST $295! (Quick Scan)

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 *AUCKLAND – Auckland Wide (Bombay Hills to Warkworth!)

*WELLINGTON – Wellington



 We are Level 1 certified thermographers to ASTM standards – Cert. # 7484

Our Free Quotes Include…

Home Inspections:

1) Complete thermal imaging scan of all rooms and ceilings in the house (looking for signs of leaks);

2) Moisture test around all interior walls, doors & windows (no holes in walls at any stage);

3) ‘Missing insulation’ infrared scan of all ceilings in the home (helps save money on energy bills);

4) Complete written report with 24hr turnaround, including moisture layout photos (Reports are optional)

Electrical Scans & Surveys:

We have inspected 1000’s of switchboards and can quote you over the phone based on a half day or full day rate… NZ Wide.

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If you aren’t sure if a thermal imaging scan is right for you at this stage, or you’re worried about the inspection cost being to high, then continue reading through this website to find 100’s of different pages & examples of why it may be worth considering in the near future when time and money allows you to do so.

Even if you don’t think you can afford it at this stage, you can still give us a call today to discuss and ask about anything you aren’t sure of. We don’t try to sell you into an inspection because after many years of being in this industry, we know it’s a personal choice that only can be decided by you. There are no written rules saying you should do it, but it makes sense to get a leak/moisture test done if your gut feeling tells you so.