Booking & Job Completion Process

Here’s how the thermal imaging inspection works:

inspection reports1) Pick up the phone and give us a call 7 days per week. We give you a live ‘locked in’ quote over the phone based on the size of your home and the type of inspection required. Compare the difference between our ‘quick scan’ and complete report here.

2) We then arrange a time to meet at your property, and we begin the process at an agreed time. An inspection on an average size home takes approx 1.5 hrs.

3) We scan your home room-by-room… one wall at a time. We document our findings for each and every room as we go. We have a compulsory ‘double-check’ policy in our company which simply means that not only do we scan with the camera, but we also go over every wall top to bottom with our state-of-the-art moisture meter made in NZ, for NZ conditions.

4) Once the process is complete, we then take the information away and compile a complete report of our finding. This report is emailed to you within 12-48 hrs.

5) Payment is usually C.O.D. An invoice is issued with all reports. If you can’t pay on the day, or you can’t be present for the inspection, that’s fine, you can simply do a direct deposit.

6) You can email/call us into the future with any further questions relating to your property inspection and findings.

If there’s any potential problems with your home that require attention, there are many professional tradespeople who can assist. We can discuss this matter as it arises.

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Read about our ‘quick scan’ here

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