Moisture Inspection Before Selling Your Home?

Here’s some food for thought when selling your home!

“Is there any point getting a moisture or building inspection prior to selling your home?”

We had a home owner call us with that exact question above, and there was a couple of ideas that we gave him that could be of interest to you also, especially if you’re selling your home.

It almost sounds pointless getting a moisture inspection prior to selling your home, but there is an upside… in fact, there’s a couple of upsides. Let’s take a look at how our thermal imaging moisture inspection could work in your favour when selling….

1) Marketing. Has your home been stuck on the market and you can’t sell it? The only real option is to change tact on your marketing, so how do you think “THIS IS A HEALTHY HOME” would look in your marketing? It would look great! If there is no moisture, it generally means no mould growth. This is a big selling point to a family with young kids. The main fear of Kiwi home buyers (and rightly so), is buying a leaky home… so why not eliminate that fear for them?

What about, “THIS HOME HAS PASSED A METH (P) LAB DETECTION TEST”? Buyers want to here this!

Meth testing info

2) Here in NZ we have to face the fact that all wise home buyers are also getting a ‘leaky home inspection’ prior to purchasing… so the chances they are going to find out about any leak in your home are pretty good (especially if they use us). How about you find it first and get it fixed (or tell the buyer up front), so your sale goes through without a hitch?

3) Home buyers will generally try to bargain your price down in their original offer, then they make the offer subject to a moisture or building report (or both). If they do find signs of moisture, get ready to see a low ball offer flying your way… that’s if they don’t pull out altogether. Eliminate any chance of losing the sale as you can!

What if a problem is found in the moisture inspection prior to selling?

The advantage of telling the buyer about any issues up front is this…. you can say something like “these are the issues, and we’ve already factored them into the original price we listed the home for”… if that is the case.  A potential home buyer will appreciate the fact you told them about it, and feel more ‘in the loop’. This can certainly work in your favour.

Treat the sale of your home like a business… marketing, marketing, marketing will get the customers!

Contact us today for a moisture ‘check up’ on your home!

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