Detect Water Seepage Leak Through Bricks and Cement

Do you suspect a water leak behind bricks or cement?

On a routine home moisture/leak inspection this morning in the Howick area, we came across a leaky brick garage wall that was adjoining the home next door. The clients garage was pooling with water in the corner a couple of days after the leak, but not on the actual day of the rain. After a thermal imaging scan of the brickwork, we applied a moisture meter to a pinpointed area of the wall… and the results are shown it the photos below.

The moisture meter reading in the lefthand photo is significantly higher then the righthand photo, yet it was the same wall, same style brick and same paintwork. Now the targetted area of potential moisture has been detected, an invasive inspection can now be carried out without knocking the whole wall out! brick wall moisture readingmoisture reading








If you suspect a leak behind any type of wall, give us a call. Leak inspections are what we do!

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