Find a Leak – We are Level 1 certified thermographers to ASTM standards – Cert. # 7484

Find a leakNot only do we carry out thermal imaging inspections on a full time basis in Auckland, in 2009, the director of the company (Dean Cowley), authored a very popular thermal imaging manual for other house inspectors which is now used by over 380 infrared inspection companies in 8 different countries. He has also appeared live on NZ talkback radio.

Have a quick listen to what Newstalk ZB’s DIY home renovation expert Peter Wolfkamp has to say about Dean, live on talkback radio – Listen Here (Runs for 30 seconds)

B.O.S.I.E T – H.U.E.T & EBS Certified by M&O Pacific Ltd (Issued in New Plymouth)

Dean is also a Certified Narcotics Testing Officer (For pre-purchase Meth testing)

Find A Leak – Here’s our point of difference:

Find A Leak are independent inspectors. What this means to you, is that we don’t have a ‘vested interest’ in finding problems. You will get what you pay for, an inspection as it should be… not a sales pitch to ‘upsell you’ further services at the end of the inspection.  

In addition to servicing home owners and investors with inspections on combined assets to the tune of $500 million +, Find A Leak  have recently provided commercial infrared work for regional councils, one of NZ’s largest shopping chains, public companies, schools, insurance companies, builders, architects, offshore oil rigs, many reputable firms throughout NZ… and also the homes of some ‘well known’ faces in NZ such as TV Presenters, an All Blacks Coach, the personal homes of NZ rich list clients and more.

Infrared thermal imaging is our business and our passion. No matter what the size of the job, be it a home leak detection, pre-purchase moisture inspection or a commercial electrical predictive maintenance program, you’ll get 100% dedication and attention to detail each and every time.

We are certified thermographers, specialising in the following:

  • Thermal imaging houses for a variety of reasons; such as:
  • Pre purchase moisture testing
  • Isolated Leak detection –  Track, trace & pinpoint
  • Testing for leaky building syndrome – Non invasive only
  • Leak reports
  • Electrical thermographic surveys.

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Building / Roof Moisture Diagnostics – including….
• Insulation & material moisture characteristics
• Inspection techniques (interior, exterior)
• Detecting Evidence of Moisture and Leaks behind walls
• Pre purchase building envelope moisture reports
• Weather variables and models that effect thermal imaging inspections
• Required site conditions (Creating sufficient delta-T)
• Pre-inspection procedures
• Thermal signatures of latent moisture
• Mould detection
• Inspection, data recording, marking and mapping
• Guidelines for inspection (Safety practices, data gathering and report preparation)

Building Envelope Energy Loss Inspections – including…
• Insulation & material characteristics
• Home Inspection Processes
• Weather variables and models that effect inspections
• Required site conditions (Creating sufficient delta-T)
• Pre-inspection procedures
• Inspection and data recording
• Verification of data
• Conduction losses by insufficient, missing, damaged or improperly-installed insulation: (Weather variables and influences & thermal signatures)
• Convection losses by uncontrolled air movement (Natural and forced convection, thermal signatures & pressurization/depressurization techniques)
• Guidelines for inspection

Electrical System Inspections – Including….
• Thermal signatures of problems
• Airborne inspection of transmission lines
• Ground-based inspection of distribution systems
• Substation inspections
• In-plant inspection of: transformers, bus; switchgear, fuses, circuit breakers, cable trays
• Guidelines for inspection (Thermographer responsibilities, safety practices, data gathering and report preparation

Mechanical System Inspections
• Theory and thermal signatures of problems
• Rotating equipment
• Power transmission components
• High-temperature insulation
• Fluid flow including steam systems, heat exchangers, and cryogenics
• Active thermographic inspection techniques
• Guidelines for inspection

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