DON’T BUY A ‘P House’, and get stuck with a HUGE decontamination bill!

We offer a 100% independent, non-biased meth detection test with no up-sell at the end for ‘clean up’ services.

p meth lab testing auckland

  • We offer highly accurate ‘On-the-Spot’ P Lab methamphetamine¬†testing services Auckland wide, with an instant YES or NO result.
  • Our testing consultants are certified narcotics testing officers, using advanced meth testing equipment for the most accurate results possible.
  • Instant results… WE BRING THE LAB TO YOU and you can see the result in front of your own eyes! (Like a pregnancy test).
  • While other services of this nature will require your swab test to be sent to a LAB for testing (while you wait in anticipation for 3-7 days), our results are INSTANT, all at a similar price.
  • The manufacturing laboratory of our testing apparatus are especially focused on the production and development of narcotic identification products. The tests are produced in accordance with the requirements set by Police Forces, Customs & Excise and Forensic Laboratories.
  • Selling a house? Get the “NO TRACES OF METH (P) DETECTED” comment in your inspection summary report to help sell the property.
  • Buying a house? We can run a test on the 5 most likely areas of the home that traces of meth could be detected. You will know right away if you should either ‘run for the hills fast’, or continue your due diligence on the property.
  • High reliability and consistency
  • Accurate and sensitive
  • Our Presumptive Forensic Narcotic Tests offer us the opportunity to test your property for the presence of controlled substances in powders, tablets, liquids, resins and on common surfaces
  • Our meth testing services are used in houses, hotels, motels, apartments, pre-purchase house testing, pre-sale meth inspections, baches, holiday homes, boats, cars & caravans, rented motor homes and more.
  • Who else can we service? Property managers, insurance companies, banks, car dealers… and we can test any location you would like examined!

contaminated house for sale


  • The result will instantly indicate if traces of meth (P) are present on the tested surfaces only. If the answer to the test in YES, then further lab testing will be required to determine actual levels present.
  • A positive result does not mean the current occupants of the dwelling are linked to the contamination until proven by the appropriate authorities.



$179 +GST (5 Rooms of your choice). Combined with a moisture test is $149 + GST.

If you only require 3 rooms to be tested, it’s $99 when combined with a moisture test.


Special mention: Our inspectors use one NEW swab per room to ensure the most accurate results… we don’t use the same swab in 3 rooms and risk cross contamination.

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