thermal testing aucklandNZ Leak & Heat Loss Detection Ltd. offers a very unique and popular thermal testing service. We specialise in thermal imaging NZ homes to detect signs of leaks, moisture testing, heat loss and energy audits, missing insulation, infrared leak detection, electrical switchboard thermal imaging surveys and more. We are Level 1 certified thermographers to ASTM standards – Cert. # 7484

Our Services in Detail:

Our Two Different Building & Moisture Inspection Options – Thermography testing for signs of moisture! 

Leak Detection Getting a regular infrared leak detection inspection is a must for every NZ home owner and investor… it’s no different to you or I getting a regular check-up from a dentist… if we don’t, our teeth rot. A home is no different. You might have excess moisture in your walls that you don’t even know about… and it’s literally rotting away the equity in your home. Within minutes, we can detect signs of moisture in your walls, floors and ceiling! More details here… including a photo of how excess moisture in your wall would appear through our camera.


Electrical Fault Detection – Having overloaded electrical components in your factory or home is a serious fire hazard, and dramatically increases the risk of an unexpected power outage. In the case of a factory, a power failure or electrical fault in components such as switches, fuses, switchboards, transformers, motors, sub-stations, transmission lines, circuit operating devices, control equipment and circuit breakers could cost money by the minute in the case of an unexpected shut down. We can detect overheated components up to 3 weeks in advance of a failure! Further details here

Cold Store Inspections – One of the big dangers of cool rooms that are stand alone structures with no covering (outside), is that moisture can get in behind the skin of the panels. This leads to the water freezing and adding excess load that could cause the structure to collapse. Click the link above for further details and photo.

Missing Insulation & Heat Loss detection Having a piece on insulation missing, or gaps in your insulation can really hike up your power bill. Do you know if your home is completely insulated? Are there air gaps between your insulation? Our cameras could detect it right away, without touching your ceiling or entering your man hole. Here’s a photo of what missing insulation looks like through our cameras. Click here

Pre-Purchase Inspections Don’t buy a lemon!! We can accompany you to any auction viewing, open home inspection, private inspection, inspection with an agent. Get a moisture check BEFORE putting in an offer… here’s how we can assist you.


Points of Interest About Our Thermal Testing Service:

1) All our services are non-invasive, meaning we don’t put holes, or cut into your wall to see what’s behind them. Our thermal imaging cameras can detect signs of excess moisture behind your walls without needing to touch any of your personal possessions.

2) All inspections include a complete written report. If you don’t require a written report (such as general home check ups), our quick scan could be the best option for you.

3) We always conduct a ‘double check’ over every interior wall with a moisture meter, which is made in NZ for NZ conditions.

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