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Should you get an infrared building inspection BEFORE a structural inspection?

Once our clients see how effective thermal imaging is, they often say “We’ll never buy a home again without infrared testing first“. Quite often deals will not go through after a moisture test. So why would you spend money on a structural building inspection if the moisture test doesn’t stack up? If you get a building inspection first, then you’ll still need infrared, because we see what most home inspection companies don’t see!

infrared thermal imaging

Infrared Thermal Imaging & Moisture Inspection:

Dean is a certified level 1 thermographer to ASTM standards. The focus of the moisture inspection is the interior of the property. Dean uses a high tech thermal imaging camera to detect evidence of moisture ingress and heat loss in all rooms of the home, followed by a secondary thorough check with a non-invasive moisture meter. Dean will check from top to bottom of all walls, around windows, toilets and any wet areas in the home for signs of moisture ingress or leaks. Buying a home in NZ without a moisture test could be a costly mistake!

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Call for a quote on our new low cost, high quality ‘top to bottom’ building moisture inspection package. We can do either verbal or written reports… depending on the nature of the inspection.

Let us put your home (or future home) through it’s paces!!

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