The righthand picture below shows you what what a hidden leak behind a wall looks like through our thermal imaging camera. This is equity literally rotting away infront of the home owners eyes and they can’t even seen it!

In most cases, water damage isn’t visible to the naked eye until it’s too late! EG. If the plumber who put the water system through your home didn’t seal a join in the piping correctly, then the slighest of drips can spread like cancer through your timber framework, ceilings and walls. We can see signs of leaks right away through our camera… and also track it to the source of the leak. 

Getting a regular infrared leak detection inspection is a must for every home owner and investor. You might have excess moisture in your walls that you don’t even know about… and it’s literally rotting away the equity in your home.

Within minutes, we can detect signs of moisture in your walls!

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