Leaky School Buildings??

Is your child attending a leaky school?

With some schools in the Auckland area facing a ‘leaky school’ reputation, the clean up bill will be just as damaging. Has the thought crossed your mind that the same could be happening behind the walls in your home?

The thought of your child going to a leaky school and breathing in mould spores all day is chilling enough, but there could be another scenario which may do further damage to your childs health, and that scenario is your child sleeping next to a bedroom wall half full of moisture!!

Too many people bury their head in the sand when the thought of getting a moisture scan on their home is mentioned to them (scared on negative results usually)… but it could actually save your family from sickness and allergies long-term.

Moisture damage behind walls usually occurs long before you will see it, just like it did in these leaking school buildings. Catch leaks early in your home for a peace of mind!

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