Thermal Imaging Surveys

Thermal imaging surveys are what we do everyday right across NZ!

Everything you need to know about thermal imaging in right here on this website.

Since the new requirements from several insurance companies for an electrical thermal imaging survey prior to issuing an insurance policy on commercial buildings, enquires through our website have surged dramatically. Some companies are now using our service exclusively for their thermal surveys because they know our reporting standards are compliant with what all insurance companies require.

If your insurance company does not accept our report, then we’ll give you your money back! (We have never had to refund anybody).

With the growing demand for thermal imaging survey services in general, there are now more ‘newbie’ companies getting into the business, so here’s why you should be very careful with who you choose…

You will notice that the majority of companies who now offer electrical infrared surveys, also happen to be in the business of fixing the faults they find. Do you think these companies are going to possibly find more faults and ‘bigger’ issues then there actually are? In some cases they will, so they can then sell you the work to fix the problems… therefore you could get a biased thermal imaging survey that channels towards the thermographers back pocket.

The reason we have so many repeat clients, is because we do not sell electrical services at the end of the job… guaranteed. No matter if we find 1 fault, 10 faults or zero faults within your electrical switchboards, it makes absolutley no difference to us.

You can view the types of clients who use our thermographic survey service – HERE

One other ‘catch’ you need to keep an eye out for, is if you get any other quotes, make 100% sure they are certified thermal imaging surveyors… there is a big difference between buying an infrared camera and being certified to operate it!

We look forward to hearing from you, and possibly completing your thermal imaging survey requirements. All reports on small-medium size jobs (between 1 – 70 switchboards) have a 48hr report turn around time. Larger jobs are between 24 – 72 hrs… and the report will be accepted by your insurance company or your money back.

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