Infrared Thermal Imaging Helps Reduce Scheduled Downtime in Businesses

The economics of our infrared inspections has an excellent payback on average, be it a homes, factories or power plants. A large US based company who has performed 1000’s of infrared inspections reported an average payback of 4:1. This means that every dollar invested into an IR inspection results in $4 saved. We perform PREDICTIVE and PREVENTIVE maintence inspections, meaning that problems can be indentified before they blow your pocket apart!

Reduce unscheduled downtime: (using a bakery as an example)

Manpower: In the event that there is an electrical or mechanical fault unexpectedly, a business can run into high costs and no return because of ‘suprise problems’ they didn’t expect. Can you imagine the costs to have 30 people on the assembly line standing around waiting for a problem to be fixed? We can detect both electrical and mechanical faults ahead of time… especially if it’s a routine check.

Product loss: Using the bakery example… an electrical fault could be extremely costly if the breads are in the oven and an electrical problem shuts down the power. We can usually detect these types of faults in advance,  and pinpoint the problem effeciently with our advanced infrared camera. Regular predictive maintenence can detect ‘hot spots’ in wiring and power boxes that the human eye can not see, allowing the faulty parts to be changed at a scheduled time rather then in the middle of production.

Equipment damage: Equipment can be damaged, yet still run. Most larger companies do have some kind of regular maintenence program in place, but again, what if there’s a set of ball bearings under extreme load and high temperature that the human eye can’t see? High power equipment can fail at critical times, so using predictive maintence may save your company large amounts of money by detecting and issues early. We can perform regular infrared thermal imaging inspections on your equipment before the problem arises, and detect hot spots, air leakages, insulation issues and heat loss on critical workplace components.

What’s the benefit of finding potential ‘larger scale’ problems early?

We can pinpoint problem areas, therefore reducing the time taken for a planned outage. Your maintenence program can also be prioritised in order of importance of machinery to the overall business.

If you know the problem in advance, you can have the appropriate parts ready to install, rather than holting production while waiting for the part to arrive.

Contact us today, we can give the critical mechanical and electrical components in your workplace an infrared scan, and detect the ‘unexpected’ system failures in advance.

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