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certified thermal imagingFind A Leak, Certified thermal imaging inspections Auckland – We are specialists at the detection of hidden leaks behind walls using infrared cameras & moisture detection equipment.

Our thermal building inspection services & reports have been trusted by home buyers, sellers and builders for years… and our commercial electrical switchboard surveys are utilised on a regular basis by some of NZ’s largest companies, such as Fonterra – Auckland City Council – Beca – Shell Todd Oil Services – Banks – Oil Rigs – Ravensdown – Hotels – Insurance Companies and more.

Our finely tuned thermal leak detection system can quickly identify and trace ‘invisible’ problems… without putting holes in your walls. Our methods are non-invasive, non contact, fast…  all at a fair price.

1000’s of water leaks detected during building inspections using thermal imaging cameras…

One of the core reasons our thermography services are so popular across NZ, is because we do not try to sell you repair services at the end of the job… giving you the peace of mind you are getting a non-biased independent survey, without an ‘upsell’ at the end.

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North Shore – West Auckland – South – East & Central Auckland  (Anywhere is the super city boundary)

Thermal Imaging inspections Auckland

We can detect a water leak in – Roofs, under tiled decks, internal gutters, walls, bathrooms & showers, windows, around flashings, slider doors, around balconies & balustrades, dripping through the top of door frames, leaking pipes and more…

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Here are some recent testimonials…

“The thermal camera tool was very interesting and provided us with valuable info about existing leak entry points. The most value we got from the inspection was Dean’s ability to point out issues with the home that were right in front our eyes the whole time, which we had no idea about. We quickly learnt it pays to hire experience. Worth every penny. Thanks Dean” – Craig, Howick

” Thank you Dean for the prompt service, great explanation of how the imaging would be carried out, comprehensive report that was easy to understand. I would highly recommend using Dean from NZ Thermal imaging” – Pam, Auckland

“Thanks for the detailed inspection which prevented us making 1st home buyers mistakes! We were confused and didn’t know if we should get a building inspection or infrared test first, but fear of making a mistake and losing our money convinced us to get both types of inspections done. We thank you for uncovering what you found for us, and it was very clear you have plenty of experience in testing plaster houses for leaks. See you on the next opportunity we find!” – Gazelle L – Auckand

“We stuffed around looking for an annoying leak which was dripping out a light fitting for a couple of years in certain wind directions. After looking online for leak detection services who might be able to track it to the source (and save our hair from going grey), we found Dean and thought we should try thermal detection out. No more than 15mins after arriving at our house, he traced it down and we just can’t believe it could be so quick. Anyway, problem taken care of. Excellent value for money in our opinion. Thanks.” Johanna T – North Shore

“I was very impressed with Deans highly professional service.  He took the time to clearly explain the testing process to me during his inspection of a home we were going to purchase, pointing out all areas at high risk of moisture damage (there was a few).  I can’t stress how helpful the report was, he detected many areas of concern and was also able to identify the probable cause of the problem as well.  I would recommend Deans service to anyone purchasing a home, why take the risk, we feel it was the best money we ever spent!” Daniel B – Sth Auckland

“Hi Dean, your thermal camera is certainly a money saver! After your inspection yesterday we discussed the results over dinner and have decided not to proceed, as the leaky downstairs wall with dirt behind it is too much expense to repair without the assurance that it won’t leak (or move) again. See you on the next house we find.” Sam B – Auckland

“Thanks for your inspection Dean, we weren’t sure if we needed a thermal test because the house was built in 1990 but thought we should make sure we didn’t miss any problems. Your inspection results were a game changer and we thank you for all your help”. Stef B – Mt Albert


“Hi Dean. We thought we should let you know we didn’t go ahead with the house because of the flat roof water leak you found. Your camera certainly is a tricky little machine and you certainly saved us from a mini disaster. Anyone considering a thermal imaging test before buying a property should do it, and we won’t be buying another house without a scan like this”. David G – North Shore


“Thanks for coming back to re-inspect our home before putting it on the market. The home has now sold and we’ll get you back to check the home we purchase” Peter H – West Harbour


“Dean is a professional at what he does. Efficient, timely and concise. He explains what he is doing and what he finds so that you can get it fixed. Very friendly and approachable. Definitely use him again and would highly recommend his services to everybody that asks. I’m telling all my friends”. John M – Albany


The inspection gave us piece of mind that the house wasn’t ‘leaky’. We found the source of the problems and will have them fixed appropriately. Dave H – St Johns


Great job, hidden problems revealed. Saved me buying a “wet” lemon! Peter J – Takapuna


By getting you in I have now a complete peace of mind about my house. One leak was detected & tracked to where it was coming from.
Patricia M – Three Kings


We were relieved to have a Technician who was confident and efficient in finding the source of our problem. And as an added bonus we were able to view the areas involved on his monitor ourselves. It enabled us to get the problem fixed with certainty (Has now been done). An efficient service and a technician with integrity. Thank you Dean.
Hugh and Raewyn N – Takapuna


Your report helped us knock $20K off the price agreed to with the vendors. So definitely worth it!! Dean was very patient in explaining how the equipment worked and what his findings were. Will use again on my next purchase. Thanks.
Sahjid R – One Tree Hill


I had fantastic prompt service from Dean and would happily recommend him to anybody. Definitely worth it for peace of mind.
Karenza H – Warkworth


Before you consider an invasive investigation of a house to find the leak source or assess the extent of moisture damage to timber framing… consider non-invasive moisture testing first to map out all areas of concern (some home owners or builders will ‘jump the gun’ and pull wall linings down without any thermal testing first, only to find they are not even close to where the water is coming in!).

As part of the inspection, we can also explain to you what causes water seepage to get behind flashings, tiles, walls etc. which allows you to remedy the leak asap… and offer simple ideas for drying out the wall cavity if the framing structural integrity is in tact.

Read many many more testimonials here.


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