Building Inspectors Auckland – Which Company?

Are you looking for home inspection services in Auckland?

When buying real estate in Auckland (or anywhere in NZ), you seriously need to ask the right questions when booking the inspection before the building inspector turns up!

Why do I mention this?

As time goes by, and after completing 100’s and 100’s of infrared building inspections all over NZ, I get to meet lots of real estate agents who have also seen all types of building inspectors… and how they go about their work. 

Take a read of this!…

Recenting an agent was telling me about an Auckland building inspection company who also does moisture testing. The inspector arrives at the property and begins the job… and the buyer of the home was wondering why he wasn’t testing under the windows and around the skirting board. What was the builders answer when asked why? My knees are too old to get down that low? HEY? That is just not right in my opinion. If you are in this business of real estate home inspections, then you must know that one of the most common causes of leaks is window joinery failure… and wicking of moisture back up under the cladding into the bottom plate of timber.

So in summary, he was “too old” to test the most critical areas for damp and leaks etc. Hmmm.

Next… What about the roof? How is he going to get on his ladder? You can guess the end of this story right? He didn’t even pull the ladder out… even for a visual scan of the roof from the top of the ladder.

When booking your home inspection, maybe ask if you can see proof of at least 20-30 testimonials from other clients… if they can’t provide you with that, then they possibly haven’t been in business long enough, or they aren’t doing an outstanding job.

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