Concrete Crack Repair Services NZ


Do you have cracks in your concrete slab?

Quite often home owners and commercial building owners will notice cracks starting to appear in the concrete slab, and quite often water will start to seep up through the crack, further causing a leak.

What Causes Concrete to Crack?

There are various potential reasons why you will get both hairline and large cracks in concrete. Some of these reasons are;

  • Heavy trucks or construction work very close to your home
  • Possible burst water pipe underneath the area
  • Slight settlement of the ground (Especially newer homes)
  • Subsidence of the dirt under the area that is saturated with water 

Most cracks in concrete are found in basements and external masonary walls.

How do you repair crack in concrete?

There are simple repair methods, solutions and services available in NZ that use long lasting filler materials & technology to fill the cracks and prevent water entering your building envelope, and makes sure the crack is sealed to prevent any further leaking and water ingress.

If you are stuggling to find a reputable company to undertake your concrete leak detection & repairs, give us a call.

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