Dux Qest (Ducks Quest) Plumbing Leaking

How do I know if I have Dux Qest plumbing in my home?

Dux Quest plumbing is notorious for leaking, and now the insurance companies are even putting clauses in their fine print that says they won’t cover any burst pipe leaks in houses that are fitted with Dux Quest.

You may need to get a plumber or building inspector in to identify for you if your property is fitted with this product.

If you can crawl under your home, you may be able see the writing on the black pipes… and if so, consider getting it replaced because if it leaks into your external walls, the damage bill could get rather large. You won’t know it’s leaking until it’s too late, as it’s normally a slow leak at one of the joins that gradually eats away at your wall.

One home owner had the ceiling collapse onto their kitchen bench from a leak in the shower above!  If you are buying a house, ask the inspector to look for this plumbing type.

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