Glue Detected Behind Wall Holding Gib to Brick

Here’s another example of the interesting things we can detect while thermal imaging your walls!

Whilst performing a moisture inspection on a home in Panmure, Auckland (using thermal imaging), we came across an interesting discovery…

Whilst renovating the property, the previous home owners had glued the gib board over the top of a brick wall. This isn’t anything new, as the glue is obviously there for additional support, but the rewarding part was the new home owner got to know more about the construction of their home then they did prior to us doing the infrared inspection. Take a look at this thermal image, then keep reading…

gib board glued to brick - thermal image

The reason we can see this glue, is because the glue is a different temperature to the gib board. Infrared thermal imaging is all about detecting infrared (heat) radiation via electromagnetic wavelengths being emmited off any given surface. It’s the tiny temperature differences that the camera detects on the surface that highlights images of what could be behind your walls (like the glue above) that you may not know about!

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