Infrared Building Surveys – What’s Included?

Are you considering hiring a professional infrared building survey company?

What’s included in the quote?

One of the common questions people will ask when calling for a free quote, is “What do you do during the infrared building inspection?”.

You will see exactly what’s included on our ‘contact us’ page, but before that, it’s also important to know what the purpose of an infrared building inspection report is, and why you actually want to get it done in the first place… because most people just hear about thermal imaging, and go with the flow without understanding what it’s actually about and how infrared cameras work to benefit you.

When you walk into a house and look at the ceiling, what do you see? You most likely see some gib board and lighting… and that’s all we would see also. Using an infrared camera, this is what we see (that dark spot is a hidden leak)….

ceiling parapet leak

What about when you look around the walls of the home during your initial visit to the home? You see windows and walls… that’s about it. During an infrared thermal imaging building survey, this is what the walls look like…

Infrared Building Wall Frame Image

How’s the house looking for insulation… how do you know if there is insulation in a wall or ceiling space of a house? Here’s what we see in your potential future house…

See how the external wall is a different temperature to the ceiling? No ceiling insulation.
See how the external wall is a different temperature to the ceiling? No ceiling insulation.

These pictures taken in NZ houses demonstrate how the infrared camera gets a completely different ‘view’ of the house to what standard building inspection survey companies will see.

Our infrared house inspection surveys will detect all kinds of annomalies behind walls that are impossible for the human eye to see… and we also deploy back up moisture testing methods during our building survey to achieve the best possible results we can without needing to put holes through the wall.

Read more about what’s included on the contact us page.