Thermal Imaging Building Inspection Reports – NZ

Are you an NZ home owner looking for a thermal imaging inspection report on your home? 

Our certified thermographers specialise in infrared building inspections, including:

Building / Roof Moisture Diagnostics –
• Insulation & material moisture characteristics
• Inspection techniques (interior, exterior)
• Moisture and Leak detection behind walls
• Pre purchase building envelope moisture reports
• Weather variables and models that effect thermal imaging inspections
• Required site conditions (Creating sufficient delta-T)
• Pre-inspection procedures
• Thermal signatures of latent moisture
• Mold detection
• Inspection, data recording, marking and mapping
• Destructive and non-destructive moisture verification
• Guidelines for inspection (Safety practices, data gathering and report preparation)

If you suspect moisture ingress or a leak in your home, don’t leave it to chance… it will spread like cancer and the structural integrity of your home will be left sub-standard. Thermal imaging (or ‘Thermography’) is a fast moisture & leak detection solution for all building envelopes.

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