Thermal Imaging Camera Detects Gib Fixings and Ceiling Joists

Are your contractors fixing the gib to the ceiling joists correctly?

 Our infrared equipment can instantly detect how ‘spaced’ the screws and fixings are behind just about any gib lined wall  (See photo below).

Recently I got a call from Auckland City Council regarding a dwelling that had been erected without council approval. What the council wanted me to find out, is if the timber framework was ‘fixed and spanned’ correctly behind the wall.

In the infrared photo below, you can clearly see the screws holding up the gib to the joists.  These screws are invisible to the human eye. Our thermal imaging camera is a quick, tidy and easy way to determine if the building construction is in line with the current building code, without ripping  down the wall/ceiling… 

Dark 'Dots' are Gib Screws Using Infrared
Dark 'Dots' are Gib Screws Using Infrared

 Is the structural integrity of your walls as solid as it should be? Is your home in compliance with New Zealands building code?