Detecting Leaks in Boats Using Infrared

We had an interesting call today from a gentleman in Christchurch who was requiring infrared work on his boat.

Do you suspect leaks in your boat?

In the case of this phone call, the skipper needed his refrigeration system looked at to determine areas of heat loss through the insulation, but there are also other applications for infrared thermal imaging on boats…

Laminate seperation, moisture under boat decking, water intrusion, mould growth and loose electrical connections are some of the areas we can utilise infrared thermal imaging here in NZ on boats.

When water heats up or cools down, it will do so at a different rate to the surrounding materials, thus allowing the infrared camera to pick up the tiny surface temperature differences … quickly pinpointing the area of concern.

The best time of day for a thermographer to perform leak detection on your boat would be after hours when the sun has gone down. Performing an inspection at this time of day eliminates solar reflection that causes false readings in some cases… especially when imaging exterior surfaces that are directly hit by the sun.

Call us today for a leak detection infrared scan on your vessel!