Has Your Water Bill Increased? Underground leak?

Got a leak under the ground?

 If you’ve ever experienced an increase in your water bill or seen masses of water in your yard that you didn’t put there, then you may have a water leak under the ground that you can’t see. Put simply, not all plumbing work will remain in tact forever… and unfortunately we usually find out the hard way via a burst water pipe and/or an increased water bill.

underground pipes

Should you investigate the issue further, and what’s the solution?

Your water meter doesn’t just increase for no reason, and the good people at the council will usually send you a notice of excess water usage if there is a substantial change in the pattern of your water intake… that’s if you don’t physically see the water beforehand. If the council can’t find the problem on their side of the fence, then it’s up to you to sort out the problem within your property boundary.

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  • Leaks Pinpointed Without Digging up the Whole Yard!
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  • Drain Unblocking
  • Unblock Sinks & Toilets
  • Septic Tanks and Grease Traps



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We now use sonic leak detection equipment to help fast track and pin point water leaks appearing on the exterior surface of your property.

Wouldn’t it be easier to call a plumber?

Maybe… but most plumbers don’t have the equipment and training needed to find water leaks underground without needing to dig up dirt first. Some plumbers may have the experience to find these types of leaks, but you also need to remember that water can surface far away from the leak source… especially if there is a slope to the land. This is when our sonic leak detection equipment comes in handy!

What if the rupture in the pipe is under a sealed driveway or cement slab?

We can find it. This is actually a common place for pipes to burst, because when your foundations consistantly get wet or moist (over time) it causes the area to sink and fracture in places. This huge amount of weight pushes down on the underground pipe work and can crack pipes in an instant. We simply mark an ‘X’ over the top of where we detect the highest frequency, and the appropriate contractor can go directly to the source rather than digging up a large area of your driveway, house or factory (which you are responsible to pay for).