Leaks Caused by Roof Pressure Wash & Water Blasting

Have you had your roof pressure washed lately? This leak photo below may be of interest to you.

Does the water blasting company guarantee no leaks?

 Yesterday I inspected the home of an elderly lady who was in a panic about a leak that ‘suddenly appeared’ on her ceiling. She had just hired a company to pressure blast all the moss and dirt off her roof so she can get it painted.

Before you hire a company to clean your roof, you should ask them what happens if they blast water in the wrong direction and it ends up in your ceiling… just like it did to the lady above. Water blasted under flashings can do damage to your walls and ceiling (i.e. Water getting in and wetting the insulation, causing potential mould growth), so make sure you ask the right questions before agreeing to getting your house cleaned, like what are their guarantees and experience.

Take a look at this infrared photo…  the result of a roof water pressure clean: (Dark areas are water leaks on gib board ceiling that weren’t all visible to the human eye)

leak water pressure blast clean on roof

If you suspect leaks in your ceiling after a contractor has been on your roof, give me a call and i’ll thermal image the area. You will then receive a written report that you can present to the company who cleaned the roof 🙂