Thermal Imaging Can Detect Various Electrical Faults and Overloads

Looking for a fast way to detect faults in any given electrical distribution system?

As electrical current flows through a conductor, heat is generated. Using our thermal imaging camera, electrical faults and potential system overloads can be detected weeks in advance by identifying inconsistant temperature variations on any given surface or electrical component. This will help prevent any unschedualed system shut downs.

electrical hot spot thermal imaging

We use thermal imaging to detect abnormal temperature variations that cause common electrical faults, such as…

Loose/deteriorated connections – Overloads – Imbalanced Loads – Open Circuits – Inductive Heating – Defective Equipment – Faulty Wiring

Can’t find an electrical fault? Contact us today for a thermal imaging inspection of your electrical distribution system! We can also conduct schedualed routine predictive and preventive maintenance progams in your workplace.

Please note: Thermal imaging inspections on electrical systems require a certified electrician or on-site maintenance officer to confirm readings with an ammeter or voltmeter.

NZ Commerical Clients: NZ District Councils – Publically Listed NZ Companies – Banks – Shopping Center Chains – Shipping Companies – Mining Companies – Oil Companies – Offshore Oil Rigs – Marine Services – Production Companies – Engineering Companies – Electrical Contractors – Leisure Centers – and many others (Specific names available upon request).