Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera – How Does it Work?

A home inspection using a certified thermal imaging camera operator could certainly save you from buying a house full of water! If you suspect mold, moisture or missing insulation in your home, a thermal imaging camera could potentially pick up the source of the problem within minutes… saving you time & money.

The actual camera used in the home inspection is a very sophisticated, highly sensitive and very expensive piece of equipment. Some cameras are basic and will ‘do the job’, while others have highly sensitive detectors that will pick up  thermal anomalies in your home as small as 0.1 of a degree.

Thermal imaging cameras pick up the infrared radiation that is emitted off objects. Every object you see around you emits heat radiation (via electromagnetic wavelengths). The sensor in the camera then converts the detected infrared radiation into a thermal image via the on board camera processing system.

Some people perceive that an infrared camera detects moisture, but in actual fact it detects the infrared radiation being emitted from the moisture.

The infrared camera our company uses has a highly sensitive sensor on board, so the slightest of variance in emitted radiation from any ‘object of concern’ in your home will be detected by our camera. 

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