Water Leak or Leaking Pipes Under Your Home?

Leaking water pipes and other factors can lead to water ‘ponding’ under your house. Please don’t ignore it!

It pays to do a regular ‘visual’ check of what’s hiding under your floors. Excess water under the house could quickly cause potential problems for you (and the value of your home) if not attended to asap. It could be due to a blocked pipe, home at the bottom of a hill or even bad soil composition. At the end of the day, leaks under your house could cause damp, mould, sinking and a very unhealthy home.

water leak under house

Has the water already caused problems?

Water, damp, leaks & moisture are all contributing factors which could cause stuctural integrity issues in the home. Water can soak into walls, insulation etc. in no time, so getting an infrared quick scan of your home could be the first option to detect any signs of water ingress that may have crept into your walls. Some people are sleeping next to wet walls, and breathing in mould spores all night long without knowing it!

If you are planning to purchase a home, under the house is one of the first places you should check. Home sellers may try to mask any obvious signs of moisture by doing nice renovations, landscaping and trimming the place up nicely to help divert your attention away from the hidden ‘issues’ under the house. Buying on emotion can potentially lead to financial disaster… especially in NZ where there is plenty of moist air.

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