Fast Way to Measure Water Tank Level (see photo)

If you’re looking for a fast way to measure your water tank level, you should consider thermal imaging. The measurement is taken in an instant.

Thermal imaging has a variety of applications beyond moisture inspections, and this image below is just one of many applications. We would usually take an image of a water tank in conjunction with a regular home inspection.

Water tanks are used for all types of applications and come in various sizes, and there usually comes a time when you would like to know the exact water level. There is only one simple and fast solution.

If you are no longer capable of checking your water levels through ill health, or you simply don’t like climbing up the tank to look down the hole, then we can do a ‘tank level measurement’ for you with our thermal imaging camera.

Here’s an example of a tank being measured in a refinery…

water tank level

Contact us today for a thermal imaging scan of your water tank!