Are Earthquake Leaks Covered by Insurance?

The biggest cause of random leaks in a house is either movement or expansion and contraction.

Obviously with an earthquake (such as the quake in Christchurch), the movement is furious so the chances of leaks sources being ‘created’ are very good. Your insurance policy might cover this under the earthquake clause in your contract (If you have this type of cover). Please read the fine print.

Not only will earthquakes create ‘above ground’ leaks such as roof, deck and possible internal plumbing pipes to leak… but you also have the below ground leaks due to the pipes underground not being flexible enough to move with the earth. Keep a close eye on your next water bill to see if there has been a sudden rise in usage and $$$.

Make sure you monitor your home in the coming weeks after an earthquake, as you may need a ‘leak check’ using thermal imaging cameras to detect where the issues could be originating from, and what damage the water has done to your walls, timber framing, carpets and insulation etc. You would then need a report to present to the insurance company.

Strengthen your insurance claim with a infrared thermal house inspection and report! See thermal photo’s of hidden house leaks HERE

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