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When it comes to protecting your assets, using an experienced thermographic survey company that pays attention to detail should be your first choice.

We specialise in infrared thermography… that’s all we do.

We have offshore oil tankers, publically listed NZ companies and overseas clients using our service on a repeat basis, so we are 100% confident you’ll also be satisfied with the results and reporting standards we can deliver your company aswell.

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If you own a company that has multiple electrical switchboards that haven’t had a thermographic survey in the past, then it may be a wise move to have a check up. We are consistantly finding large electrical faults in very important distribution switchboards that could have caused major shutdowns if not picked up early, so don’t wait for it to happen… prevent it instead. In the event of an electrical fire, our thermographic report could make the difference between your insurance company paying out or not!

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Infrared Thermography Service – Thermal Imaging New Zealand

Are you considering utilising an infrared thermography service for your home or business?

Infrared thermography can solve a range of problems fast.

Through feedback from our residential and commercial clients here in NZ, the priority of getting an infrared thermography inspection as a first step to solve and fast track potential problems areas such as moisture & leaks in homes, and electrical issues in commercial operations, is at the top of their list in the future. Once you experience the time and money a thermal imaging inspection can potentially save you (i.e. Buying a home that leaks like a sive), it’s only then you’ll realise it’s a logical first step for any future related applications.

A classic example is an apartment we inspected in Auckland yesterday… a plumber had gone into the apartment and completely ripped off the gib board surrounding a water sprinkler that he suspected the leak was coming from. The apartment owner was not happy after coming up dry, as the leak entry point was no where near the sprinkler! The owner of the property will have to pay for the repair work out of her own pocket. We found the leak source elsewhere using our infrared camera.

Here’s some examples of what we use infrared thermography for – ‘Thermal Imaging Applications’


Certified Thermographers – Building Moisture Diagnostics with Thermal Imaging

 Our certified thermographers specialise in the following building diagnostics:

Building / Roof Moisture Diagnostics – including….
• Insulation & material moisture characteristics
• Inspection techniques (interior, exterior)
• Weather variables and models that effect thermal imaging inspections
• Required site conditions (Creating sufficient delta-T)
• Pre-inspection procedures
• Thermal signatures of latent moisture
• Mold detection
• Inspection, data recording, marking and mapping
• Destructive and non-destructive moisture verification
• Guidelines for inspection (Safety practices, data gathering and report preparation)

If you suspect moisture ingress or a leak in the home, don’t leave it to chance… it will spread like cancer and the structural integrity of your home will be left sub-standard. Thermography is a fast moisture detection solution for all building envelopes.

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