Ceiling Insulation Batts Missing After CCC Issued!

Here’s just another reason why a thermal home inspection should be considered when buying a home in NZ:

This should make you scratch your head…

Recently I performed a thermal imaging inspection on a home built in 2005 in the Greenhithe/North Shore area, and what I found was very ‘unethical’ to say the least. If you weren’t aware, council requires ceiling insulation to be installed before issuing a Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC) on the home.

Well… the builder had removed the ceiling insulation pink batts out of the home AFTER the council issued the CCC! Yes, you read that correctly. The batts were installed when building the house, then completely removed before handing the keys to the new owner. I wonder how many homes that same set of batts has been through now??

Take your time when purchasing a home. Here’s what insulation looks like through an infrared camera…

We see what building inspectors dont see!
We see what building inspectors don't see!

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