Damp Testing Houses in NZ

One of the most unhealthy problems you can encounter in your house is dampness problems.

Damp is invisible to the naked eye, but you can smell it (can cause allergies) & you can see it (in the form of mould). What about the moisture in the air? Is using a dehumidifier enough?

The issue with dehumidifiers is they are expensive to run, and they can only do a small area. Also, if you have condensation all over your windows, then you are introducing plenty more moisture  into the air, and certainly into the curtains where it gets held… and further causing mould growth. (Read more here about mould on curtains – click here)

Unless you have a permanant moisture reduction system installed and double glazed windows, then you may be ‘stuck’ with the moisture problem in your home… and damp could be getting into all your furnishings etc.

All the above equals a very unhealthy damp home!

Damp testing can either be ‘air sampling’, which involves taking an air sample and having it lab tested for potential black mould spores. Or, you can have your walls tested to see if there is any dampness behind the wall. We can assist you with both of the above scenarios.

Otherwise it could be a straight out leak that you can’t see. We use a damp test meter and equipment to determine moisture meter levels. Call today for more info!

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