Infrared Building Inspections – NZ’s Biggest Infrared Website!

Before purchasing a home in NZ, especially in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, an infrared building inspection should be considered.

Is someone trying to offload you a lemon?

On this website, you will find many photos of problems we’ve found in houses when conducting infrared building inspections.

Infrared allows us to see potential issues that alot of building inspection companies may not see. Because thermal imaging works on heat, it’s impossible for the human eye to see these hidden problems. There have been many occasions when we’ve identified leaks with the infrared camera that haven’t yet penetrated the surface, thus allowing the new home owner to get a good feel for what they are really buying into.

Not sure if you should get an infrared moisture inspection? – READ WHY HERE .

Still not sure?… take a look HERE

We insert infrared photos into the building inspection report that we provide you as part of your pre purchase inspection.

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