Infrared Thermal Imaging – Code of Compliance Certificate CCC

Do you own a property that has an additional dwelling that hasn’t been signed off?

Infrared thermal imaging can certainly assist to get your Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC) approved.

Recently I inspected a ‘granny flat’ out the back of a property that one of my clients recently purchased. This dwelling was a ‘later addition’ to the home and hadn’t yet been signed off by the council.  Before the council surveyor who inspected the property would sign it off, he wanted to know if there were any signs of moisture behind the walls. In addition, the infrared images will also show the wall stud, nog and joist placings behind the gib board walls and ceiling.

Code of Compliance Certificate CCC

In this scenario there are two options to get an idea of how the dwelling is constructed… 1) Rip the walls down (not needed), or 2) Use infrared thermal imaging to get an idea of what’s behind the walls before taking any drastic steps.

The good news is the council were happy with the report I presented for my client (containing infrared photos and moisture testing results of all walls), and they issued the CCC.

You can see the clean lines in this thermal image showing correctly fitted insulation, timber framework and no leaks. Do not buy a home in NZ until you know moisture levels behind the walls… especially if it hasn’t been signed off.

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