Infrared – Damaged or Missing Insulation Causing Heat Loss

If you’ve ever thought about infrared thermal imaging as a way to detect missing or damaged insulation in your home, then this picture should ‘tell a thousand words’

When we perform pre purchase inspections with the infrared camera, we are also looking for missing insulation that could be causing heat loss. During a building inspection in Auckland recently, we found a complete wall that was substantially cooler then the rest of the walls in the home. For a home buyer, this is obviously a concern for a couple of reasons… 1) The home is not energy efficient at all, and 2) The home will cost more to heat (more money).

Here’s a photo of the corner of one of the rooms showing the warmer side on the left, and the cooler side of the wall on the right. Same room – larger temperature variations…

thermal image of missing insulation

This is just another reason why an infrared inspection is very useful when buying a home!

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