Infrared – Damaged or Missing Insulation Causing Heat Loss

If you’ve ever thought about infrared thermal imaging as a way to detect missing or damaged insulation in your home, then this picture should ‘tell a thousand words’

When we perform pre purchase inspections with the infrared camera, we are also looking for missing insulation that could be causing heat loss. During a building inspection in Auckland recently, we found a complete wall that was substantially cooler then the rest of the walls in the home. For a home buyer, this is obviously a concern for a couple of reasons… 1) The home is not energy efficient at all, and 2) The home will cost more to heat (more money).

Here’s a photo of the corner of one of the rooms showing the warmer side on the left, and the cooler side of the wall on the right. Same room – larger temperature variations…

thermal image of missing insulation

This is just another reason why an infrared inspection is very useful when buying a home!

What Missing Insulation Looks Like

Here’s an interesting photo for you. Just like a helicopter can detect criminals trying to hide in the bush at night time with infrared thermal imaging, NZ Leak & Heat Loss Detection Ltd. can now do the same for you and your home with missing insulation and air leaks.

missing insulation

In today’s construction world, some trades people like to cut corners… and they ‘think’ we can’t see what they do behind the walls. Here’s a classic photo example taken from the street outside a home… can you spot the missing insulation?

If the temperature inside your home experiences wide variations on any given day, or something just doesn’t seem right with the inside temperature compared to previous years, give us a call. Detection of missing insulation is exactly what we do. We can even start the process of thermal imaging on your home before we even pull into your driveway… as this photo to the left hand side demonstrates.

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