Thermal Energy Leak – Compare Wall and Ceiling Insulation

Many homes in NZ don’t have insulation in the walls and suffer heat loss in a big way.

Although there are now government subsidies to assist you with costs of installing insulation, most people don’t even know if there is insulation behind their walls in the first place.

If you live in a home built in the 50’s, 60’s and so on up to the year 2000, it doesn’t always mean the home has no insulation. In many cases, the home has been renovated and insulation batts or spray foam insulation has been installed along the way.

Here’s a thermal image of missing insulation in a wall, compared to a ceiling that does have insulation…

Darker Colour Walls is Cooler
Darker Colour Wall is Cooler

As you can see, the wall is cooler in this image and the ceiling is much warmer. When you have a clear surface temperature difference on the gib board wall like this house, it’s quite obvious there’s a lack of insulation. Climbing into ceiling space to install a thermal barrier like insulation is easy, but to insulate the walls requires more money due to the intrusive nature required to do such a job… and that’s why some home owners skip that step.

So how do you know if you have heat energy loss issues in your home?

Let me say this. I inspect and detect issues behind walls in many New Zealand homes… but I had no idea this home had no insulation behind the walls until I scanned it with the infrared thermal imaging camera… I then knew right away. As you can see in the above photo, there would be serious heat loss issues in this particular house.

Something else to consider when looking to install insulation, is how much of your wall do the windows take up? Some windows take up 80% of a wall is some cases, so if the window is single glazed, it’s almost pointless going to the expense of insulating the other 20% because the large cold window surface could knock out the effect of the insulation! 

Thermal imaging cameras are the tool of choice to see temperature differences of walls and ceiling… and lack of insulation. It’s simple, fast and no holes go in your walls!

Thermal Image of Air Leak Around Door (Heat Loss)

Ever wondered where your expensive home heat could be escaping over winter?

Heat loss and air escaping around doors and windows are very common… but most of the time we can’t ‘see’ where the air gets in/out with our own eyes. We have a ‘special’ set of eyes (infrared) that detects such problems in the home!

This photo below is an excellent thermal imaging photo of an air leak around a door in an Auckland home. The darker shades indicate an area of a cool draft air infiltrating into a room…

Heat loss air leak

Our infrared thermal imaging technology will see what the human eye can not see… saving you money in the process

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Leak & Heat Loss Through Soffits / Eves / Attic (see photo) – Thermal Imaging

                                     Do you suspect a water leak or heat loss in your attic?

attic air leak

As this photo shows, thermal imaging can accurately pinpoint areas leaking air & water from the home, causing heat loss and increased energy bills. Eves, soffits and attics are all common places for leaks to accumulate and exfiltrate.

If you plan to fix a leak under the soffit, obtaining a thermal image of the area first could be a wise idea so you don’t end up ripping apart areas that are functioning fine.

If you think you could have a leak in the roof or attic, then there’s a good chance you do. A leak that starts at the top of your home is going to work it’s way down due to gravity… and it’ll find its way into every void along the way. Protect the structural integrity of your home today.

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Building Envelope Energy Loss Inspections

Our company is certified to conduct building envelope energy loss inspections using thermal imaging – including…
• Insulation & material characteristics
• Home Inspection Processes
• Weather variables and models that effect inspections
• Required site conditions
• Pre-inspection procedures
• Conduction losses by insufficient, missing, damaged or improperly-installed insulation: (Weather variables and influences & thermal signatures)
• Convection losses by uncontrolled air movement (Natural and forced convection, thermal signatures & pressurization/depressurization techniques)
• Guidelines for inspection

Small gaps in your insulation can dramatically increase your home energy bill! Here’s a photo of missing insulation…

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What Missing Insulation Looks Like

Here’s an interesting photo for you. Just like a helicopter can detect criminals trying to hide in the bush at night time with infrared thermal imaging, NZ Leak & Heat Loss Detection Ltd. can now do the same for you and your home with missing insulation and air leaks.

missing insulation

In today’s construction world, some trades people like to cut corners… and they ‘think’ we can’t see what they do behind the walls. Here’s a classic photo example taken from the street outside a home… can you spot the missing insulation?

If the temperature inside your home experiences wide variations on any given day, or something just doesn’t seem right with the inside temperature compared to previous years, give us a call. Detection of missing insulation is exactly what we do. We can even start the process of thermal imaging on your home before we even pull into your driveway… as this photo to the left hand side demonstrates.

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