Leak & Heat Loss Through Soffits / Eves / Attic (see photo) – Thermal Imaging

                                     Do you suspect a water leak or heat loss in your attic?

attic air leak

As this photo shows, thermal imaging can accurately pinpoint areas leaking air & water from the home, causing heat loss and increased energy bills. Eves, soffits and attics are all common places for leaks to accumulate and exfiltrate.

If you plan to fix a leak under the soffit, obtaining a thermal image of the area first could be a wise idea so you don’t end up ripping apart areas that are functioning fine.

If you think you could have a leak in the roof or attic, then there’s a good chance you do. A leak that starts at the top of your home is going to work it’s way down due to gravity… and it’ll find its way into every void along the way. Protect the structural integrity of your home today.

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