Residential Thermal Imaging – Energy Loss

Residential thermal imaging is becoming increasingly popular in NZ… and it’s amazing what the infrared camera will find in the hands of a certified thermographer!

It’s eye opening when you walk into a multi million dollar home that the builders haven’t quite finished off as one would expect… especially when the home owner has absolutely no idea that a problem exists. Some of the issues are minor, and others major.

Residential homes should all be thermal imaged for leaks and energy loss at some stage in their life, just to stay ontop on maintenance if anything. Here’s an example of cool air entering a residential home in NZ around the door jamb…

Door Jamb Air Leak

The dark wispy pattern is cool air running up the wall at the top left corner of the door frame… completely invisible to the human eye!!

Infrared thermography in residential houses is a must if you want to know if your home is energy efficient and/or has an energy loss problem or not.

Thermal Image of Air Leak Around Door (Heat Loss)

Ever wondered where your expensive home heat could be escaping over winter?

Heat loss and air escaping around doors and windows are very common… but most of the time we can’t ‘see’ where the air gets in/out with our own eyes. We have a ‘special’ set of eyes (infrared) that detects such problems in the home!

This photo below is an excellent thermal imaging photo of an air leak around a door in an Auckland home. The darker shades indicate an area of a cool draft air infiltrating into a room…

Heat loss air leak

Our infrared thermal imaging technology will see what the human eye can not see… saving you money in the process

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Air Gaps & Leaks Around Doors, Windows and Insulation Can Skyrocket Your Energy Bills. See Photo

How to find an ‘air leak’ in your home: (see photo)

Finding where air is penetrating into your home can drive you around in circles, and sometimes you won’t actually see where it’s coming from (eg. through gaps in insulation blowing cool air onto the back of your wall). The process to find and air leak can be made simple, but it’s usually the time when you think you’ve detected where the air leak is penetrating, another one pops up. Lets take the following photo as an example…

(Thanks to for this pic… it’s taken with the same camera as we use)

Usually you’d feel the air draft coming through the bottom of the door, because your feet and legs would catch the breeze… but what about the one at the top of the door? Unless you’re rather tall you wouldn’t feel the air leak up there. In most cases you would replace the seal right around the door anyway… but you need to know where the air leak is in the first place! We can detect air leaks around doors, windows and missing insulation through the eyes of our highly sensitive thermal imaging camera.

Don’t let your energy bill keep climbing!

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