DIY – How to Fix a Leak… All Kinds!

Finally – The Launch of Fix A!

Due to client demand, The launch of our new website has now taken place and is live! This website outlines simple and easy ways to fix common types of leaks… fast and cheap! This is a free service.

Why did we start this new website?

We do all types of leak detection and leaky home checks all over NZ, and the first natural question people ask us when a leak is detected, is “Do you have someone who can fix it?”. The answer is “No”, because we don’t want our clients to feel they are being ‘sold’ further add-on services. We have always been an independent inspection company specialising in locating leaks, and will continue to operate that way.

The new ‘Fix a leak’ website is for people who already know where the source of their leak is, and simply need it fixed.

Take a look around and see if you can find info on the specific type of leak you have. If you can’t find any info on it, then you will very soon! Although the website is work in progress (We have a team working to build the site up with useful information as we speak), there is already info and live video demos for you waiting right now. Visit Fix-a-Leak Here


Are you in the business of fixing leaks with at least 5 yrs experience in your trade?

You can now advertise on the site in your area for a small fee. Not many home owners have the confidence to fix a leak properly, so they usually need help to get the problem sorted asap.

The typical types of calls we get are for:

Roof leak repairs
Deck and butanol waterproofing leaks
Toilet and shower
Plumbing leaks, including underground.
Window flashing and joinery failure causing leaking into walls.
Cladding failures
Leaking gutters, including internal gutters
Flat roof leak repairs
Swimming pool, spa and hot tub leaks

….Just about any type of leaking problems you can have with a house, we get calls for it!

Hit the ‘Advertise Your Business’ button over on the website if you have any questions… we would like to see your business listed on the website!

Find a Leak in Ceiling

The fastest way to find a leak in your ceiling could be using thermal imaging… in just minutes, we can see exactly where excess water in your ceiling could be accumulating from the interior of your home. We can also detect missing insulation. 

This leak in this photo has originated from the ceiling and worked its way down around the interior wall….

Would you have seen this leak in the ceiling and the extent of the leak? Our company specialises in water leak detection within building envelopes. We would have seen this leak coming down from the ceiling within minutes with our new thermal imaging technology, thus saving you time and money.

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How to Find a Leak in Wall

One of the fastest ways to find a leak in a wall is by thermal imaging… it can take less than 1 minute and it’s non-invasive. There is no longer a need to pull your walls down to detect a leak thanks to our new technology… nor do you need to guess where the leak starts and finishes!

Take a look at this photo below, and you’ll see what a leak behind a wall looks like through the eyes of a thermal imaging camera.
This leak has originated from the ceiling and worked its way down around the interior wall….

Our company specialises in leak detection on interior walls. Leaving a leak behind a wall go undetected could cost you $$$ long-term due to potential structural failures in the area from rot.  We can detect these types of leaks within minutes using thermal imaging technology.

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Air Gaps & Leaks Around Doors, Windows and Insulation Can Skyrocket Your Energy Bills. See Photo

How to find an ‘air leak’ in your home: (see photo)

Finding where air is penetrating into your home can drive you around in circles, and sometimes you won’t actually see where it’s coming from (eg. through gaps in insulation blowing cool air onto the back of your wall). The process to find and air leak can be made simple, but it’s usually the time when you think you’ve detected where the air leak is penetrating, another one pops up. Lets take the following photo as an example…

(Thanks to for this pic… it’s taken with the same camera as we use)

Usually you’d feel the air draft coming through the bottom of the door, because your feet and legs would catch the breeze… but what about the one at the top of the door? Unless you’re rather tall you wouldn’t feel the air leak up there. In most cases you would replace the seal right around the door anyway… but you need to know where the air leak is in the first place! We can detect air leaks around doors, windows and missing insulation through the eyes of our highly sensitive thermal imaging camera.

Don’t let your energy bill keep climbing!

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