Thermal Imaging Scan

Here is exactly why you should consider a thermal imaging scan on the home you intend to buy…

When buying a home, one of the first things you need to do is determine if the home is leaking, and if there is any moisture issues that could cause future problems for you. A thermal imaging scan will detect signs of a leak fast.

We are infrared leak detection specialists, and we conduct many pre-purchase thermal imaging scans throughout NZ. Here is just another example of a hidden leak that was found in bedroom on a rountine property inspection (further confirmed with an invasive inspection)…

leak in wall

Don’t risk buying a home without a moisture test… too many home buyers have been ‘caught out’ rushing into ‘great deals’, and forgetting that in some cases the reason the deal is so good is because the home owner is aware of the problems and doesn’t want a bar of it!

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