Infrared Electrical Surveys – 2000+ Switchboards Imaged

Our company has successfully conducted infrared electrical surveys on 1000’s of switchboards in NZ.

With more and more insurance companies referring their commercial clients to us, infra red electrical surveys are quickly becoming the most requested service we offer… all over NZ. Infrared thermographic imaging allows us to quickly and easily determine if an electrical fault is ‘in the making’, allowing you to make a targetted repairs without causing further faults in the system down stream.

If you’ve never had your company switchboards imaged with an infrared camera, then now could be the time. The other advantage to our service, is that we can see if the boards have been neglected, dusty, rats living inside etc etc… all the potential fire dangers that you may not have thought of. Rats like to chew the insulation off wiring, so we’ll keep an eye out for those types of small issues on the way around your switchgear as part of the service.

We are a preferred supplier of thermographic infrared electrical surveys all over NZ, so we can certainly service your company with our accurate service and reporting standards which will comply with insurance company requirements. Read about the types of companies we already service here…

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