Leak Coming from Apartment Bathroom Above

Do you live in an apartment that has a leak?

Do you know if it’s coming from your apartment, or the apartment above?

Today I received a call from an Auckland highrise building manager regarding a leak in the foyer area on the third floor. The leak was visible around the skirting board, but the issue was going to be finding the source of the leak. It turns out we found the leak right away using our thermal imaging camera.

apartment water leak

This thermal imaging photo shows the leak was coming from the floor above (you can clearly see the water track running down the wall). The building manager was a happy man, because he previously had a plumber in for seperate leak months earlier, and the plumber ripped the gib board off only to find out the leak was tracking from elsewhere.

We went up to the next floor and sure enough there was moisture showing approx 2 feet up the wall from the bottom. It turns out there was a bath tub backing onto the wall. After conducting extensive moisture testing all around the bathroom in question, we pinpointed the leak.

As a result, the tradesperson who goes in to stop/repair the leak can go directly to the source… saving time and money.

If you live in an apartment and notice a leak, just keep in mind that it may be tracking in from above you, even if you notice it around the floor area.

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