Leaky Home Bill Ends Up With Forced Sale

The leaky home saga only gets more interesting as time passes. It’s not so interesting for the lady in the story below, who was part of a body corporate that won a 5 million dollar out of court settlement… yet was still forced to sell her home!

 How do you avoid such problems? The easy answer here would be “don’t buy a leaky home”… but a more realistic answer would be to get it checked for leaks and moisture on a regular basis during the course of your ownership. Getting caught with a leaky home (or any home that leaks for that matter) can be a nightmare to sell, so that’s why you need to stay on top of your homes ‘health’ at all times… no different to going to a dentist for a regular check up. If you detect minor problems behind the wall early enough, you simply fix it or sell it before it’s all too late.

Here’s what you don’t want to happen to your ‘investment’ property 

Leak Bill Brings Forced Sale

We detect small leaks behind walls before they become a big problem!

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