Leaky Roof – Cracked Roof Tile

Does the home you’re about to buy have a leaky roof?

Don’t be fooled by freshly painted or ‘neat & tidy’ ceilings when buying a home in NZ… we’ve found too many leaks with the infrared camera that certainly couldn’t be seen with the human eye.

If your building inspection report comes back saying “there is a cracked tile on the roof that needs to be repaired”, don’t forget about what damage might have been caused as a result of the issue!!!

Hidden Leak on Ceiling

This infrared image shows a leak found on the lounge room ceiling of a house in the Onehunga/Royal Oak area. This photo was taken on a hot sunny day… and the leak still appeared clear as crystal.

Here’s another important point to consider: How will a building inspector detect a flashing leak on a dry day? Our thermal imaging & moisture detection equipment allows us to find signs of moisture inside the building envelope well after the rain has gone.

Remember, the financial risk is 100% with you when purchasing a home. Take your time and do the correct research before handing over your savings, otherwise the house could end up draining your bank account with ‘unexpected’ repair work.

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