Leak Under Deck Ranchslider Door

Do you have a deck over the top of your room?

One of the most common types of leaks we find is caused by waterproofing membranes not correctly installed underneath the doors leading out to the deck… any type of door.

One of the main contributing factors to this problem is the level of the deck. Under the ‘leaky building code’ of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, many homes where built in such a way whereas the deck level was very similar to the inside floor level. If there is any pooling of water on the deck, wind driven rain in the direction of the door, or a blocked drain (normally with leaves and debris on top), then water tends to rise up and over the raised lip of the butanol, then down onto the ceiling below.

Another common trait of a leaking deck is when the cladding runs down and touches the deck. Water will simply soak up the cladding then saturate the bottom plate and then potentially drip down onto the ceiling below.

Here is a sample infrared thermal imaging photo we took in a home recently:

Roof Leak Repairs – Companies Who Fix Roof Leaks

With so much rain in NZ, roof leak detection and repairs are the most common request we get!

To start with, you need a company who has specific knowledge about how to repair roof leaks, not just a roofing company who only sells complete re-roofing options!

Simple. A roofing company could try to sell you a complete new roof, but a specialised roof repair company will most likely do a target fix. You MUST ask the right questions if you are serious about finding a company who fixes roof leaks cheap, without giving you the hard sell!

Make sure their website is tailored towards solutions about how to fix a roof leak, not total reroof options. You should quickly be able to establish what their ‘angle’ is… keeping in mind that some companies who repair roof leaks in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and anywhere is NZ could give you an initial consultation free… then they’ll climb your roof and give you a quote etc etc… normally painting the worst possible picture they can paint. MAKE SURE you get 3 quotes!

Here’s why…

Many home owners simply don’t have time to wait around to get 3 quotes, and if the first roof repair company looks good, they’ll take it! Seriously, the difference between quotes could be up to $3000 on an average size home (200sqm), so tread carefully. We don’t sell solutions to repair roof leaks, as we are independant inspectors with no vested interest to sell anything beyond what we are hired to do… and that’s to find the leak.

A thermal imaging roof inspection could detect the leak within meters of the origin of the issue, before a ‘roof specialist’ even arrives… giving you a more accurate idea of where the leak is entering the building envelope.

Take care with your home, and take the logical path to find leaking issues in your building before accepting any quotes. Infrared leak detection could narrow down where the leak is coming into your home, giving you more ‘bargaining power’ against the contractor who you hire to execute the repair.

Insurance companies hire us to find leaks… so should you if you require an unbiased approach and reporting.

Roof Valley Flashing Leak

Should a roof valley flashing leak?

The sky is the limit when it comes to ‘mystery’ leaks in houses!

We have found many different types of leaks in NZ homes, and some you just don’t expect.

Some people seem to think buying a good old fashioned brick and tile home is a safe bet, and that there is no need for a thermal imaging leak inspection before buying. Not always the case.

The infrared image below shows a huge leak on a ceiling underneath a tiled roof. What caused it? A leak in the valley flashing directly above. The interesting part is there was no sign of the leak on the ceiling!

Dark area shows large water leak
Dark area shows large water leak

The home owners were slightly skeptical about getting a quick scan on their home given the nature of the build, but no matter how solid your walls are (i.e. Brick/block), you can’t stop leaks coming in from the roof area, or in this case a failure in the valley flashing. In addition, they had insulfluff insulation which was saturated and needed to be replaced.

 If you are buying a brick and tile home, don’t overlook a leak inspection first!

Chimney Flue Leak

Does the home you’re purchasing have a chimney flue?

Did you look on the ceiling to determine if it’s leaking or not?

Below is an infrared photo of what a ‘hidden’ leak looks like in an NZ home. During a routine infrared moisture inspection today in Glen Eden, the thermal imaging camera instantly revealed moisture pooling on top of the gib board around where the flue penetrates the gib board ceiling. The ceiling itself was in perfect condition, leaving the leak going undetected to the human eye. Would your average building inspector have detected this ‘invisible’ leak? (Unlikely).

Although this type of water penetration isn’t a major concern to some investors, it’s still nice to know the leak is there before handing over your money. This infrared photo alone could certainly help your to negotiate the price down (Visual images like this are very powerful when negotiating). The interesting part about this home was the 4 other leaks we found… you couldn’t see any of them with the human eye. The roof itself had a slight pitch on it, but was still failing in multiple areas.

Even though we found several issues with this property, the buyer felt really good about herself in the end, because she had a clear picture of what she was actually buying.

NZ has a very wet climate as we all know, so shouldn’t it be logical to get your next property tested for moisture and leaks? Here’s a photo of why you should consider our unique leak detection service as part of your due diligence.

Can you see the leak around the top of the flue in the infraed image?

Large leak detected using our infrared camera
Large leak detected using infrared


Leaky Roof – Cracked Roof Tile

Does the home you’re about to buy have a leaky roof?

Don’t be fooled by freshly painted or ‘neat & tidy’ ceilings when buying a home in NZ… we’ve found too many leaks with the infrared camera that certainly couldn’t be seen with the human eye.

If your building inspection report comes back saying “there is a cracked tile on the roof that needs to be repaired”, don’t forget about what damage might have been caused as a result of the issue!!!

Hidden Leak on Ceiling

This infrared image shows a leak found on the lounge room ceiling of a house in the Onehunga/Royal Oak area. This photo was taken on a hot sunny day… and the leak still appeared clear as crystal.

Here’s another important point to consider: How will a building inspector detect a flashing leak on a dry day? Our thermal imaging & moisture detection equipment allows us to find signs of moisture inside the building envelope well after the rain has gone.

Remember, the financial risk is 100% with you when purchasing a home. Take your time and do the correct research before handing over your savings, otherwise the house could end up draining your bank account with ‘unexpected’ repair work.

Flat Roof Leak – Leak Appearing on Ceiling Below

Do you have a flat roof leak in your home?

Has a leak appeared in a random place on the ceiling below?

There is nothing more confusing then a flat roof leak. Put simply, it could be coming from anywhere.

flat roof leak

So what can you do about a leak coming from the roof… tear down the ceiling and wait for the next lot of rain, or is there an easier way?

What normally happens with roofs leaks (and any other leak for that matter), is that water will follow the path of least resistance and pool in one spot. The photo to the left is a perfect example. Thermal imaging is usually the fastest way to follow the track of the leak, as the infrared camera isn’t detecting water, it’s detecting the minute temperature difference of where the water has recently been.

Some people are happy to chase their tail to find the leak, whilst others would prefer to remain sane and get the leak detected asap. When it comes to water pooling in the middle of your ceiling, the leak source is usually far away from where the water has actually pooled and penetrating through… that’s just the low point.

Thermal imaging leak detection is what we do, so don’t hesitate to call us for a free quote if your flat roof is leaking.